honto88 x Brevity #CourageousCreator Profile - Courtenay Johnson / by Casey Kohlberg

courtenay - campaign.jpg

Use one word to 

Describe your personal style: Thrifty

Your attitude in the morning: Excited for the new day but also - caffeine please!

Your most used word: Amazing

Least favorite word: Can’t

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Describe your professional motto: Thorough and Dedicated

Best advice you got: If you want to direct, buy a camera and go out and direct. 

Worst advice you received: I once had a man tell me not to be aggressive when it came to my career because people might think I'm "bitchy". 

What inspires you now? Strong stories about struggle and hope. 

Describe your work: I'm an indie freelance producer, director and writer in the film industry.

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Describe a recent moment of achievement: I joined the DGA as a director and the film I recently produced premiered at Tribeca in April. 

What you’re up to next: I'm producing two features, one here in NY and the other in Australia next year.  Developing a web series and TV show with honto88. Next year I plan to direct my feature film debut that I also wrote.