Thoughts on 2019 / by honto88

Dear friends,


What a year this has been!! Below are just a few of the world-changing events, including unsettling incidents, that happened in 2018. (Don’t worry this list is not all doom and gloom! ):

What this year showcases is that people are standing up for what and who they believe in. Climate change is real. Great journalism isn't dead but journalists have been targeted. We need to protect women. We need to spend wisely (as there's a recession a-brewing in 2019). Essentially, we have a lot of work to do.


We at honto88 wish you and yours a healthy, restful, and gratitude-filled holiday season. Together, let's kickstart things this year with unapologetic enthusiasm, tireless striving, and infinite love and kindness.


Here's a song for some encouragement featuring Jim James and our Resistance Revival Chorus sisters.


We are ready for you, 2019!


Team honto88