INITIALS SG is a dark comedy, which takes place in tense Buenos Aires during the last Soccer World Cup championship. Sergio Garces, is a struggling actor, aging gracelessly.  Work is drying up and he is finding it harder and harder to make a living.  A chance encounter with Jane, an American film programmer in Buenos Aires for a film festival leads them both on a path involving lust, longing and murder. The award-winning and popular Argentinian actor, Diego Peretti (The German Doctor, En Terapia), is Sergio Garces and Julianne Nicholson (I,Tonya, August, Osage County) plays Jane. 

Directed by Rania Attieh and Daniel Garcia

Produced by Ivan Eibuszyc and Shruti Ganguly 

Current Status: Post-Production; Recipient of the Sundance Film Music and Sound Design Lab, World Premiere at 2019 Tribeca Film Festival in US Dramatic Narrative Competition.


Leche When a reserved Dominican American girl with albinism believes she can perform miracles after she seemingly resurrects an illegally hunted albino deer at school, rumors spread to the popular clique at school. Nina must choose to combat their cruelty with either revenge or peace. A magical realism, coming-of-age drama with a thoughtful approach.

Director: Gabriella Moses

Producers: Shruti Ganguly, Julius Pryor &

Marttise Hill

Status: Fundraising + Pre-Production;
Sundance Creative Producing Lab (2019),
Sundance Writing Intensive (2019, TFi
Network (2018)

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Hero After killing a gunman during a terrorist attack in the New York City Subway, Alex is hailed as a hero. Unprepared and uncomfortable with the ensuing attention, he finds himself drawn to his attacker’s family.

Director: Jesse Peyronel

Producer: Shruti Ganguly

Status: Development


Eternal Buzz Four childhood best friends, now in their early 20s, take a comic road trip to a Hudson Valley food festival as one of them tries to reclaim her dreams of becoming one of the best chefs.

Director: Shruti Ganguly

Producers: Clay Pecorin, Linda Evans & Nina Warren

Status: In Development


Me Time is an earnest, feminist comedy about a woman named Deborah, who's settling in for some "intimate me time" after a frustrating day at work, until three other aspects of her psyche appear and complicate things, dredging up deep-seeded inhibitions that threaten to derail her plan.

Directed by Iyabo Boyd

Produced by Shruti Ganguly

Executive Produced by Lisa Cortes

Status: Post - Production


About The People

Status: Post-Production


Priya, at 10 A coming-of-age story that follows 10 year-old Priya as she navigates a summer of changing friendships and family dynamics, an important dance contest… and threading. Set in Jackson Heights, Queens, New York.

Director: Shruti Ganguly

Status: Development


Citizen M. Follows Mahmoud, an aspiring rapper and recent college- grad, who is forced to serve as an informant for an anti- terrorism task force, entangling him in unscrupulous police operations that place him and his family in danger.

Director: Shruti Ganguly

Writers: Arnold Barkus and Allston Mitchell

Consulting Producer: Omar Mullick

Status: Development




Muckraker Inside investigative journalism, there’s always more to the story. After a stellar career in the field, Pulitzer-Prize-winning journalist Ingrid Whigfield pours her passion for getting the story into teaching the next generation how it’s done. Using real examples of great reportage from the archives, and often the reporter who was there, the series blends documentary and fictional narrative to explore investigative journalism.

Written by Shruti Ganguly

Status: Development



Written by Shruti Ganguly

Status: Development